Sunday, September 12, 2010

Brenna's room re-do part 4: The bow board

All the "It" babies are wearing bows these days (Well the girls anyway :) Here is my solution to keeping the bow chaos organized.

This project cost me $4. Here is the breakdown:

Picture frame on clearance at the thrift store: $1
Lime green craft paint: $1
Colorful wire: $2

The process:

First, I took the glass out of the picture frame leaving just the wood. Then I painted it with a primer and let that dry. Next, I painted it with my craft paint (two coats) and let it dry. Then, I just bent and twisted the wire in a bunch of crazy ways then hot glued it to the back of the picture frame.

And that's it!

Check out the rest of Brenna's new room: the quilt, the decorative letters and the pillows.


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