Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brenna's room re-do part 3: The Quilt (with hiddent ties!)

Can you tell this quilt is tied? Well it is!

Here is a view from underneath.

What you will need:

-A quilt ready to tie


-a needle with a large eye hole and a sharp point


Here is the needle I used. Beware: they sell lots of needles this size that have blunt tips! You want to make sure and have a sharp point as you will be going through several layers of fabric and cotton.

The eye hole needs to be big enough for your yarn to fit through.

Ok, let’s get tying!

Step one:

Measure out all the spots that you want to tie and mark them with a safety pin. For this quilt I tied every corner where 4 squares meet.

Step two:

Measure the width of your quilt. Double the measurement. Now add 6 inches. Cut that length of yarn. Example: the width of my quilt was 45 inches, double that is 90 inches. Add 6 inches is 96 inches. I cut 96 inches of yarn.

Step 3:

Thread your needle and tie a secure knot in the end.

Step 4:

Slide your needle in between a stitch on the side of your quilt.

Step 5:

Take the point of the needle up through the first spot you want to tie (through the top of the quilt). Pull the yarn through until you reach the knot. Then wiggle the knot through the stitch (let’s be honest, you kind of have to yank it through, he he). Don’t pull too hard or you might pull the knot clear out.

Step 6:

Now take the needle straight down through all the layers of fabric and cotton and out through the bottom of the quilt.

Step 7:

Take the needle back up, but only through the bottom layer of fabric this time. Bring the point over and out through the next spot you want to tie. Bring the needle out through the top of the quilt again. Note: the needle and yarn are on the INSIDE of the quilt for this step.

Step 8:

Now pull the excess string through until the yarn is taught, but the quilt is not gathered or bunched at all. Repeat steps 6-8 until you reach the other side of the quilt.

Step 9:

Bring the needle out through a stitch (just like you did in step 1). Again pull all the excess thread through until it is taught but not gathered.

Step 10: Cut the yarn off leaving a few inches to spare.

Step 11: Slide your needle (now detached from your yarn) under your last tie loop. (this is to prevent you from pulling the last tie out when you pull your knot through in the next step). Now, scrunch up the fabric and tie a knot in your yarn.

Step 12:

Trim the ends of your yarn around the knot. Then pull your knot through (Just like in step 5).

And that’s it. Repeat on every row until it’s complete!


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  1. I came here from Kara's link party. I'm loving this idea, especially for a baby quilt.

  2. This is my very favorite way to tie quilts. Yours turned out adorable!!