Friday, November 19, 2010

A little knit dress

Remember this ugly thrift store dress I used to refashion this shirt? Well, I finally used up the rest of the fabric on a fun little knit dress.

What do you think? Excuse my white legs, I should have waited till summer. But lets face it, I don't think they would have been any tanner. :)

Inspiration with tutorial here.
I think the waistband is my favorite part.

Brenna insisted on being in a picture. Don't worry, she picked her own outfit. I cannot get her to take off the "princess dress" no matter what I bribe her with.
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  1. The skirt turned out great! Looks good on you. Love Brenna in the photo. My youngest was attached to a purple prairie skirt that she wore constantly with purple corduroy high top tennis shoes. Enjoy the moments like that.

  2. very cute! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog! It looks like you girls are into finding inexpensive ways to decorate, too. I love what I see and will now be "following"...

  4. It looks great! Knit dresses are the comfy! You did an excellent job!
    Amie @

  5. Wow! wonderful work, skirt looks great on you. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will come back see your new projects...

  6. You have been featured at SSB! Check out your feature at the link below:

    Feel free to snag my I was Featured button for your blog and hope to see you at SSB soon!