Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Patio Revamp: Stage 1 ~ Chairs

We just moved into our very first house and we have this wonderful covered patio. But we didn't have the money to spend on expensive patio furniture and decorations so I needed to think of a cheaper alternative so that we can still enjoy our patio without breakin' the bank.

Stage 1: The Chairs

What you'll need:
  • Old chairs
  • Sanding block
  • Spray paint made for Outdoor/Plastic use
  • Little bit of elbow greese :)
My parents gave me these old patio chairs that were a little sad looking...
FREE chairs awesome!!!

They were weather worn and and tired looking
all they needed was a little TLC and a punch of color.

I also did a few metal chairs that used to be my grandmothers.
(as you can see you don't need plastic chairs to do this, you can use any kind you want,
the possibilities only end with your creativity!)

So the transformation begins:

Prep work... Wash and spray off all chairs so that the paint has a clean surface. Then sand away all of the weather and sun damage. I used a sanding block, you can just get these at your hardware store in the sand paper deptartment. Use a fine grit so that you don't end up with really deep scratches in your finish.
All sanded up and ready to go! The chairs will have a white appearance on the areas that you sanded. Make sure that you wipe off the surface of your chairs so that you don't get particles mixed in your paint!

Next use a spray paint for outdoor or plastic. Be forwarned if you want to spray paint using a light color (white or yellow in my case) be prepared to use a few cans of spray paint. It is harder to cover up dark with light. If your chairs are already light then you won't have to use as much. Using the manufactures instructions, spray the chairs and let dry.

The finished product... they turned out awesome!

They really gave my patio the punch of color it needed!

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